Competing in the Global Economy

Competing in the global economy can be challenging. The way companies and individuals do business here in Israel is not necessarily aligned with how others operate around the world. We need to create for ourselves a level playing field.

Scotwork Israel can help you to meet these challenges. 

Compete successfully in the global economy by learning negotiation strategies that Scotwork have coached to over 200,000 senior managers around the world. 

Practice the words you use in negotiations. We train in English, giving participants the opportunity to practice, in a 'safe' environment, the words they use - critical in any negotiation with non-Israelis.

Improve the core competencies of management and staff at all levels, to better deliver corporate objectives. Create an organisation where negotiation skills are at its heart.

Encourage the open discussion and resolution of potential conflicts - both internally and externally. Coaching businesses to become, or continually improve their skills as, effective negotiating organisations.

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Scotwork Israel can provide a full consulting service to help your business or division become an effective negotiating organisation.

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