Coaching Negotiation Skills

Embed Negotiating Skills in your Organisation…

Now, you can ensure that your people’s Negotiating Skills continue to develop beyond their attendance at a Scotwork Negotiating Skills training course.

Negotiating skills can become a core competence within your organisation and your business will have an on-going competitive advantage.

Scotwork-trained coaches:

  • Will evaluate your negotiators’ skill level and progress
  • Offer your people constructive feedback using an advanced negotiating skill competency matrix and value-adding coaching guidelines
  • Will bring about a lasting transformation, using a proven coaching method and competency-development tools 
  • Will become a key internal resource, enabling you to effectively embed and sustain the development of Advanced Negotiation Skills throughout your business

On the Scotwork Coaching Negotiation Skills course, your coaches will learn coaching skills to guide individuals towards their negotiating objectives and personal development goals. It goes without saying that they must have completed the Scotwork Advancing Negotiation Skills course.

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CCLM109 May 201711 May 2017London Book

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