On average, the Scotwork courses deliver a 1,000% return on investment in just 3 months.

At Scotwork, we say we are the authority on negotiations, because we have researched proof that we are. We have surveyed participants from many of the world's blue chip organisations who have been through our negotiation courses since 1993 and the results make a compelling case. 


  • 96% believe they are better negotiators 
  • 99% said they would recommend Scotwork
  • 98% of their managers said the course was worthwhile
  • The average return on investment is 1,000% within 3 months.

Every year billions of pounds, dollars, euros, shekels etc are spent on Management Development. How do you measure the value of that spend?

At Scotwork, we recognise that investment needs to deliver value. We survey all of our participants following the course and then we also follow that up with a survey of their line managers to ask them to validate the reponses of their people.

The chart below gives you an indication of the average savings across different business types.

Total Benefit Graph with text

You can see the full results from our ongoing research here - download Results Brochure