Client Testimonials

See below what some of our clients have to say about Scotwork.

"I can honestly say this is the best course I have ever been on. The cost of the course was quickly recuperated from employing the negotiation techniques I had been taught and achieving very impressive results."

Colin Moore - Head of Global Order Management - Mothercare

"Scotwork's approach to negotiation has the power to transform your business. I am convinced that one of the reasons my company has succeeded is because we have embedded the Scotwork approach at its heart. My staff live and breathe Scotwork techniques. I am delighted to hear that Scotwork has arrived in Israel, opening up similar opportunities for Israeli corporates to develop their negotiation skills in an increasingly demanding global market".

Daniel Cohen - CEO Graduway and former Finance Director at Merck Israel

"There are endless training programs around - but then there is Scotwork. Their Advancing Negotiation Skills course provided me with a tool box of skills that I find myself using in my day-to-day work - and a trusted strategy to turn to when I find myself in difficult negotiations. It truly changes behaviour for the better."

Jeff Barak - former editor-in-chief - Jerusalem Post

"Absolutely brilliant - insightful with the right balance of theory v practical application - there will be bountiful opportunities to hit the 'higher' deal."

Julie Trewren - Senior Buyer Spirits & RTD's - Matthew Clark 

"Two CFO's I highly respect said that this was the best training course they had ever taken. That was motivation enough for me to attend. The course teaches the basic tools that no finance, client service or BD professional should go into a negotiation environment without. I especially appreciated the teaching style that was a mix of storytelling, visuals and role playing. I came away inspired, confident and ready to approach any negotiation with a new toolkit. Highly recommended."

Diane Holland - CFO - Possible

"I recently attended a Scotwork Negotiation course conducted for our firm. The audience included a mix of languages and backgrounds. The course content was excellent - everyone that was there felt that they learnt skills valuable not only in negotiation but everyday business. Of particular value - the power of the opening statement, signalling, listening, don’t give without getting, 'elk warnings!'. We all feel better prepared to deal with clients at all levels."

Keryn James - CEO, Asia Pacific - Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

"I have now engaged Scotwork personally in three different organisations where I have worked and on each occasion with great success.  Introducing Scotwork into your organisation is not just about attending a training course, it's about embracing a whole new culture, language and way of working into your business to improve the overall effectiveness of people who are regularly involved in negotiations and ultimately driving better deals and incremental business."

David Ashmore - Business Delevelopment Director - Tectura

"Without a doubt, the best training course I have done. Not just a career enhancer but a life enhancer. Never again will you catch me 'elking'."

Alex Faust - Multinational Account Director - Microsoft Advertising

"My first encounter with Scotwork came in 1997 when I attended a basic negotiation skills training program. I have been a fan and advocate ever since and strongly recommend their style, approach and content as a firm basis and foundation for all who wish to master this dark art. I have attended, recommended and appointed Scotwork at different stages of my professional career and they have always excelled, especially in the areas of advanced negotiation in the modern age of procurement."

Noel Penrose - Partner - Juniper2 

"Excellent course covering key negotiation skills in a fun but very productive way. Highly recommended by colleagues and I was not disappointed. There was a lot covered in the 3 days but carried out well and notes handed out in a useful format will definitely be used regularly going forward"

Sandra Mearns - Emerging Europe Trade Marketing Manager - The Edrington Group

"I attended the Scotwork Negotiation course in March 2013. I was extremely impressed and feel far better equipped to deal with negotiation in and out of the workplace than I was before. I believe that I learnt a great deal about the power of the opening statement, arguing constructively and listening. Furthermore, I found the use of case studies in which attendees actively negotiated with one and other, within a set time frame, particularly useful."

Christopher Etheridge - Communications Executive - British Venture Capital Association 

"Course was recommended by a colleague who spoke so highly of Scotwork I was compelled to see for myself. Having been in L&D for 20 years I was expecting the usual theory/practice/feedback scenario but instead found myself completely immersed in the most stimulating and immediately useful learning experience of my whole career. Within days of completion I was confidently putting learning into practice, revolutionising the way I did business, with only 1 regret -wish I'd found Scotwork years ago!"

Sharon O'Donnell - Head of Learning and Talent Development - David MacBrayne Ltd 

"I attended this course a number of years ago, and still use elements every day. The days I spent on this course were exhausting but invaluable in giving a framework for negotiation, with practical tips and guidelines for dealing with the inevitable unexpected twists in reaching agreement. Probably the best training I have attended and definitely worth the money"

Martin Shaw - Head of Digital, APAC - Maxus

"Excellent course to improve understanding of the negotiation process and the skills required to be effective."

Chris Kelly - Account Director - Royal Mail

"The best training course you will ever go on. The negotiation skills learnt become emdedded in your everyday thinking and subconscious. Definitely worth the time and money."

Anthony Knight - Business Development Director - Hertz International

"An excellent course with the right blend of theory, practice and reflection. I came away with a much clearer understanding of how to prepare for, and successfully navigate a wide range of negotiation scenarios. A well spent two and half days!"

Mark Davidson - Marketing and Commercial Manager - Johnson & Johnson Medical

"I recently attended the Scotwork course and found it to be a very worthwhile course. Understanding the theory of negotiation allows you to better understand the behaviour of other parties and teaches you how to be aware of signals you send during negotiations. I am looking forward to putting my new skills into practice. Highly recommended."

Tom Ashford - Client Partner Charities - Guardian News & Media

"I recently had the opportunity to attend this course in the US and it was a true eye-opener. Scotwork has managed to weave dozens of common sense tips and techniques, together with many original and innovative ideas, into an easy-to-understand (and easy-to-deploy) system. I have no doubt that the introduction of this program into our company will have an immediate and material impact on our business. The instructors and materials were absolutely top notch. Long live the Elks"

Erik Ipsen - Partner - ERM

"All of it.  The fun and safe method of training to highlight areas for improvement, for me has been really useful"

Jim Davies - Category Procurement Manager - Cadbury (UK)

"The structure and content of the different steps that make up the process, also the cameras were a great tool for feedback - also pushing yourself in areas that you had no experience before was very rewarding"

Colm Ahern - Technical Services Manager - LVMH (UK)

"I would like to thank Sandy Sbarra for his enthusiastic and uplifting presentation of the Scotwork Negotiating Skills program last week here in Seattle, WA [USA]. The Scotwork exercises permitted us to absorb the material quickly and excersise 'The Eight Steps' by preparing and negotiating best terms and outcome for our respective positions".

Michelle Little - Senior Buyer - Starbucks Coffee Company

"Last Friday I had a meeting with a customer who has been really challenging in terms of negotiating. By using the Scotwork methodology the negotiation was much easier. Your course was really helpful for me".

Marko Pantti - Tamglass

"I already had a chance to practice what I learnt at several important negotiations, and the results of those actually already covered the tuition fee. Basically the same day we left I was faced with the situation when one of our employees got a better financial offer from our competitor and fortunately after some negotiations, he stays with our agency. Then in several days we had a number of new business tenders, where "wish list" appeared to be very useful tool which finally helped us to get a big client.

Another interesting observation - I think I now know several clients who attended your course earlier; and as you rightfully noted, it IS really easier to negotiate with them!

Thanks again for the terrific course and I hope to be back soon with training booking for our group managers"

Marina Petrova - Managing Director - The Agency Group

"I think you should hear of one quantified success story.  I have just completed fee negotiations for 3 pieces of work at FTSE100 client, totaling circa £800k, and client was seeking a circa 20% discount initially.  I eventually got them to settle at a 3.5% discount - so you could quote a saving of 16.5% of £800k as a quantified benefit of being on the course".

Rob Scopes - Deloitte & Touche LLP

"Highly useful & immediately recommendable"

Phuong Nguyen - Internet Marketing Manager - eBay

"Cannot be faulted, invaluable!" 

Robert Terrone - National Business Manager - Reckitt Benckiser

"Absolutely fantastic - a real confidence booster"

Alastair McCausland -  Senior Category Manager - Cadbury Schweppes

"An outstanding personal & professional development tool that you can run with from day one"

Jeff Munro - Development Manager - MLC

"A must for everyone - useful, practical and fun" 

Ashwina Pratap - Procurement Specialist - Corporate Express


Lorna Raine - Chief Financial Officer, - Yum! Restaurants International

"I was updating my CV today and still regard the training I received from Scotwork as the best course I have ever attended. I was working with Debenhams at the time, and I can honestly say that it was a "Life Saver" as one of the lessons learnt helped me a few years later when faced with a AK 47 toting Serbian Militia man at a mountain roadblock during the Bosnian Conflict"

Michael Kelly - Debenhams

"We selected Scotwork 3 years ago, following an extensive search into negotiation skills training companies, with the desired outcome of improving the negotiation skills of our UK sales force. We have now run courses for our key sales people on the front line of delivering business, and intend to continue doing so. The course is extremely well accepted by the team, often described as 'the best course, they have been on', and most importantly - it works! We calculated a 15 fold return on investment in the course during 2007, based upon improvement price negotiations with customers. The Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training programme is the most cost-effective piece of training we have ever conducted." 

Andy Molnar MD - Straumann