Tailored approach

If you want a one-company negotiation skills training course, you'll find we don't take a 'one style fits all' approach. We spend time to fully understand your particular business challenges, people and culture. Only then will we recommend the bespoke negotiation skills development course that will fit your people.

We also offer regular Open programs. This format is ideal for individuals, or where it is not possible for groups of 12 members of one company to be in training in the same week, or if organisations wish to trial the programme before a roll-out across the business. We build time into these programmes to offer specific advice based on the individuals needs.

Many of our Open course participants enjoy the opportunity to work with people from other backgrounds, roles and organisations. We only accept up to three people from each organisation onto each Open course, to ensure that a diverse mix of people is represented.

We train in English, giving participants the opportunity to practice, in a 'safe' environment, the words they use - critical in any negotiation with non-Israelis.