Negotiation Skills Training Courses

Do you want to develop your existing negotiating skills, learn new skills and techniques, gain confidence in handling difficult conflicts and achieve measurably better deals? 

Scotwork negotiation courses allow participants to:

• Understand the structure underlying all negotiations
• Identify the appropriate skills used in negotiations
• Practise these skills in a constructive learning environment
• Deliver a measurable improvement in performance.

And what's more - we train in English, giving participants the opportunity to practice, in a 'safe' environment, the words they use - critical in any negotiation with non-Israelis.

Our negotiation training courses are unique. They produce behaviour change and deliver a measurable improvement in performance. We do this through intensive and enjoyable skills coaching, delivered by engaging expert practitioners.

Clients tell us they get an average return on investment of more than ten times our fees within three months.

All courses are available for individuals or groups.

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