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Real impact on your bottom line.  Scotwork specialises in improving negotiating skills - permanently, measurably and consistently to save you and your organisation money and time. We are the world leaders in negotiation training, working with an impressive list of public and private clients in 37 countries.

Proven ROI. Our results are real. A typical course participant on our flagship Advanced Negotiating Skills program will average a ROI of 10 times the course fee over a 3 month period. 98% of Scotwork course participants report an increase in negotiation performance and recommend the Scotwork program to others.

What it means to "win". Scotwork's philosophy is that businesses succeed when they focus on "wining the negotiation" not "winning the argument". We train our clients how to win the best deals consistently and confidently.  People choose Scotwork because it teaches them an important lesson: how to trade something you value less for something you value more.

Short term / long term.   The Scotwork Advanced Negotiating Skills course will not only save you time and money but will enhance relationships. The program builds better, longer lasting, meaningful relationships both internally and externally. Great negotiators don't just improve profits and margins; they win more business and create a competitive edge.

Global expertise available locally in Israel.  Scotwork Israel enables Israeli-based companies and individuals to benefit from coaching - delivered to thousands of senior managers around the world - right here at home. We train in English, giving participants the opportunity to practice the words they use in a 'safe' environment - critical in any negotiation with non-Israelis.

Don't just take our word for it. Read our Client testimonials. Here are just a few:

"We calculated a 15 fold return on investment in the course..., based upon improved price negotiations with customers. The Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training programme is the most cost-effective piece of training we have ever conducted."

 - Straumann, Managing Director

"Highly useful and immediately recommendable"

 - eBay, International Maketing Manager

"Without a doubt, the best training course I have done. Not just a career enhancer but a life enhancer"

 - Microsoft Advertising, Multinational Account Director

"The best training course you will ever go on. The negotiation skills learnt become emdedded in your everyday thinking and subconscious. Definitely worth the time and money."

 - Hertz International, Business Development Director